If you're not using video in your business you're being left behind by your competition! Some uses:

  • Promo Videos
  • Investor Relations
  • New Products
  • Trade show videos
  • Live-Stream Events / Town Halls
  • Sales Meetings & Training
  • Testimonials
  • Aerial Drone Footage


  • School districts and PTA groups can take advantage of Quick-Cast's wide variety of services.
  • Purchase direct or through BOCES
  • Qualifies as an aid-able service
  • Budget Talks & Town Halls
  • Call-In Interactive Events
  • Live-stream Events
  • Educational/Smartboard video
  • Ask about our FREE service!



Video is a cost effective and efficient way to communicate with stakeholders, members, donors etc.

  • Fund drives
  • Live events
  • PSA Videos
  • Funding initiatives
  • "State of the Union" addresses
  • Member chapter town halls
  • much more...




Express your interest, passion, and energy like no paper resume can. Be there without being there, and say the right thing every time.

  • Video resumes for executive positions
  • Long distance hiring introductions
  • Attract talent to your firm with a friendly company profile video
  • Live Skype interviews




Live Events

Podcasts & TV


Expand your campaign beyond lawn signs.

  • Deliver your messages your way
  • Avoid media spin
  • Stay ahead of the press with you own powerful PR machine
  • Interactive call-in town halls
  • Live Stream speeches and events
  • Increase image recognition with voters
  • Video email blasts




Communicate directly with your flock with video.

  • Video emails
  • Live-stream events
  • Record or stream live services
  • Produce call in shows
  • Pageants, plays and concerts
  • Fund Drives
  • Much More!




Stream live or pre-recorded content to your audience wherever they are in the world.

  • YouTube, Facebook live, USTREAM, SnapChat, Instagram, Periscope, Vimeo, and more!
  • Stream to multiple carriers at the same time
  • Record while you live-stream
  • Custom Roku App production





Star in your own success with a TV show or podcast of your own.

  • Live or recorded
  • Distribute your show to social media
  • Phone-in and Skype-in guest callers
  • Include commercials from sponsors




And Much Much More!

The applications for Quick-Cast is limited only by your imagination!

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